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    AMD Radeon Crimson driver error


      I recently bought an ACER Aspire E5-551G laptop and it came with linux so I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (clean install).

      After this installation I only have the basic driver for graphics (Standard VGA Graphics Adapter).

      My graphics card is AMD Radeon R7 M265 so I went to the official website for the drivers.

      I gave my specifications and then was given the download options for drivers.

      All I need is the minimal setup pack, so i downloaded it.


      And here's the problem. When I attempt the install.

      The installer starts and then I get an error message:


      "An exception occured!Type:RuntimeException, Message: the primary document entity could not be opened Id="


      What can I do about it?

      Some people suggested turning off the anti virus protection. Did that, same result.

      Some people suggested disconecting from the internet and then accessing the installer. Well, the installer can't start without an internet connection. It will then ask you to reconnect.



      So what can I do?