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MSI R9 390 pop-in textures with GTA V

Question asked by fiekert123 on Sep 20, 2016
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i'm having major problems getting a decent gaming experience with GTA V. Back in November i've built a custom pc with a intel i5-6600 (non k version), 16gb ddr4 mem, 550w power supply and a r9 390 gpu by msi. the latest drivers and updates are installed. a legally obtained version of windows 10 64 bit is installed and no memory/cpu hogging programs run whilst gaming.

gaming went great on the card until recently it started having major texture pop-ins. i've tried a lot of things to fix it, but nothing worked so far. reseating the card, changing back to dx 10, turning down graphics, nothing.  the setup worked perfectly at very high to ultra settings enabled and anti-aliasing set to 2x. when i just got the card, i set it to 4x, but it ran smoother at 2x.


msi afterburner isn't on the computer at all, or any similar program. the card doesn't really run hot (70-75 degrees) but it's having a real hard time loading textures.  Just Cause 3 and older GTA titles seem to work with no difficulty at all. even the heavily critized no man's sky runs like an absolute dream.


what can i do to solve this major issue?

pop in.jpg

Thanks for the support!