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Problem WOW and Catalyst Control Center

Question asked by allezl'om13013 on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by allezl'om13013

Hello ( i am french sorry for this bad English )



I have a problem with WOW, let me explain I do not ram or what but I often jerks etc.

So I tried to understand everything why and how I have come to 2 conclusions:



- I guess my WOW does not use AMD graphics card (for games) but the base during a monitoring done via "Screen of apps switchable graphics" Wow is not indicated as the only active is.



- More in "Screen of apps switchable graphics" wow.exe is in power saving (which makes me think that this is the reason jerks) but it can not change since there is a padlock with marked "to ensure compatibility, this application is locked" while other games like Total war Rome II is a high performance without locking







I want to know how to unlock high performance



thank you