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amd a8 7410 radeon R5 HP-15AF120nd cant use overdive or amd catalyst performance?

Question asked by niekl on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by niekl

hello everyone,

i have an HP-15af120nd notebook

specs: amd A8-7410

radeon R5

chipset: amd K16 IMC

motherboard: hp 80cb

BIOS: insyde, version F.22

latest drivers catalyst latest notebook drivers and crimson drivers.



i can't use amd overdrive it won't detect amd cpu nor amd chipset also amd catalyst wont show performance tab (also not in advanced mode)

now the weird part catalyst when the laptop was new no updates installed drivers nothing updated it had a performance tab (could not OC it only set minimal and max cpu %) after updating no options where left if it comes to performance

shouldent it be pousible te either use overdrive or catalyst to OC either motherboard or cpu?

(sorry for my bad english, i hope someone out there can help)