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Blue screen and hard shutdown

Question asked by ikhidzr on Sep 19, 2016
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I am having an unfortunate problem suddenly. I am not sure if its the driver or hardware (GPU or PSU?).



8GB DDR3 Ram

Asus H81M-K

FSP Hexa 550w

XFX RX 480 8GB reference, Radeon 16.9.1

Windows 10 14393.187



Anyway, it first started while I was playing Football Manager 2015. I realized the fans for the GPU were inconsistent, fluctuating from 2600rpm to 3100rpm, at times randomly going to 4000rpm (very loud for a second) and goes back down to 2600rpm. Suddenly, the fans just stopped rising up and down and stayed at a constant 1200rpm. Temps were gradually going from 50c to 73c--weird for Football Manager with mostly 2D graphics (i've set everything 3D to 2D). Even GTA V at high settings reach 65c on this card. I alt+tab to open Trixx and at this moment blue screen happened.


It rebooted and I stopped playing. Just now, just to test it again, I booted up and played Football Manager 2015. Again, fluctuating fans. This time though, the fans don't give up to 1200rpm. During this time playing, I've had Spotify in the background playing music, so I've alt+tab quite a few times to skip music, etc. But suddenly when I'm scrolling to select music it just went black. All of a sudden the PC shuts itself down, like a hard shutdown. Like someone pulled the power cable. No shutting down screen. I rebooted and all was fine but honestly, I'm paranoid now.


What could be the issue here? Driver? Football Manager? PSU? Gpu?


I've googled and it says it could be to PSU, overheating, etc. My temps for CPU at the time was 45c, GPU was 51c. CPU always reaches around 45-47c max idle even for different games. GPU could reach up to 80c but i've set a fan curve to 65c. PSU has no burning smell or extremely hot whatsoever.



I've checked event viewer and critical lists Event 41 Kernel-Power, but the thing is it didn't reboot.


I am looking for inputs. Thank you.





TL;DR: PC shuts itself down claiming event 41 after blue screen the previous day playing the same game, not sure software or hardware