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AMD Radeon GPU is not working

Question asked by chrismorrison on Sep 20, 2016
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I bought a new laptop which is [DELL INSPIRON 1559] Specs :

Processor : Core I7


Graphics Card : 4GB    

Hard : 1T

After installing windows 10 to it, and installing some games ex. PES 13 and GTA IV, I was not able to edit Graphics in such games [SCREEN Resolution - Picture quality], I reinstalled AMD graphics driver with the one recommended by Dell nothing changed but this time, AMD Settings is not able to open and makes an error that there's no AMD driver installed on my computer, I tried to update it, this time the error says that AMD settings is not available, contact AMD graphics. On Device manager, AMD Graphics driver is working properly but actually it's not because games are not able to open and AMD settings saying no AMD graphics driver installed, What to do?