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    16.9.1 yet another fail of a driver


      I just don't get it, how it is possible then a driver works fine for 2 days then next day when you power up your PC it crashes like no tomorrow.

      I have uninstalled and installed again same results.

      Not even 2 minutes moving windows pages around then screen corrupts and then goes black.

      Back to16.7.3 i go.


      Please stop telling peoples to RMA their cards, the fault is yours, accept it and fix this broken drivers.

      ! year of AMD and all i have done was complain in this forum.

      I want just to play my games in peace thanks.



      Driver 16.9.1 WHQL

      Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H

      RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB)

      CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K

      Power Supply: Corsair AX760

      Graphics: ASUS Radeon R9 390 STRIX-R9390-DC3OC

      OS: Windows 10 Pro x64

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          If the problem were the drivers, then everyone with the R9 390 would experience these issues.

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            Drivers are fine...it's the users who need fixing...;)

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              Quite possibly Windows 10 Updates that were pushed to your system broke something ?

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                Feel ya bro. Now i downgraded from to And my pc is still crashing while playing the crew without v-sync my pc is still doing a full reboot.

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                  i totally agree! the forums threads speak the truth, its full of users experiencing the same crap, black screen, crashing and reboots



                  black_zion Then why are the forums full of complaints, i have a R9 390x and not experiencing issues, doesn't mean there isn't a problem with the drivers, maybe its based on individual PC configurations.

                  All i know is i am not having issues with 16.9.1, but had tons of issues with the drivers before that, now i am not going to update my drivers unless a game won't run because of it or its gonna have a 10% percent FPS boost in Battlefield 1, which is not likely.


                  If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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                      So because fewer than 1% of people have a problem it's a problem with the drivers?

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                        I had a 290 when they first came out and it took 3 returns to get a card that would not bsod watching youtube vids. NVidia is no better than AMD. You are swapping one set of problems for another set. You should look at their forums some time. Their latest card 1080 has DPC issues that did not exist in the 980 series, which causes stuttering while getting high fps. That's been going on since the release of the 1080.


                        Both manufacturer's forums are filled with people that do not know what they are doing, or have faulty setups or hardware. Lots of time people don't accept that their hardware is going bad and take the steps to troubleshoot it. That's not to say that there are not problems in drivers, just that people are quick to pass the blame. For instance, I owned an acer X34 ultrawide monitor (overpriced pile junk i might add), and the only way I could get lower resolutions to go fullscreen was to create custom resolutions. I later found out when another ultrawide monitor (LG) worked fine, that it was the junk acer monitor that had the issue. If these forums would allow more colorful language for describing this acer turdtacular monitor, i would use it.

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                            Really?  I had an msi r9-290 since it launched, that never had one issue until Crimson Drivers went live, after that it went downhill..


                            My Zotac1080 in my main gaming rig is running any game I've thrown at it at 120+fps on a 2560x1440 75hz monitor and not one problem, well except for it getting faster, if you can call that a problem..  Drivers are literally one click install, and overclocking utilities actually worked (dont crash) with my 1070 and 1080 , and neither run over 70c,  both ran very well in my win10 system.. Yea I initially bought a 1070 and it ran well enough but I wanted faster, so I sold the 1070 and bought the Zotac1080 Amp edition and I couldnt be happier..


                            My last two amd cards were problematic, driver after driver not fixing anything and actually causing other issues than werent present before, and the Wattman (aka Crashman) issue still isnt fixed, which was reported like a week after launch... Those two newer amd cards were a Sapphire Nitro Fury and an rx480..  and both cards were in a completely new windows10, I5-6600k machine which the Zotac1070 and 1080 found a home in and both ran flawlessly..


                            I think there is an issue with AMD drivers lack of compatibility with windows10, or its an amd architecture issue that they are hiding from the public, or the driver development is being contracted to a 3rd party and they dont have any idea how to fix it..


                            There is definitely a difference in quality and stability between the two manufacturers and I think AMD is struggling right now.


                            I've been an avid amd fan since the 90's, and have built my own computers, family and friends computers for most of that 20years, and I recently switched to nvidia and intel if that tells you anything..

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                                My 290 works great with the latest Crimsons. A few hours of Doom every night.

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                                  Totally agree, to be honest AMD has been going downhill ever since they launched the R Series of GPUs, too much driver issues these days. I use to own a R9 280x and also returned it three times, to the point where the manufacturer gave me an upgrade due to all the complaints about that card. To be honest i dont see AMD making consumer GPUs for much longer, they had there chance to strike back with the RX480 card, but that was smashed with the GTX 1060, same price but the 1060 runs slightly faster, about 15 degrees cooler, properly uses less power and doesn't have terrible drivers.


                                  These are the facts guys, no point arguing it about it anymore this is not the 90s or the 2000s were AMD/ATI and Nvidia were neck and neck in price/performance. I always here this is the last AMD Card i am gonna buy, i never hear an Nvidia guy switching team. and if you don't believe me, look at the market share, the creation of the RX480 was to take back the low end market but that failed.

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                                    When I tried the 1080, I had to switch from DP to hdmi to make it easier to force the refresh rate to 60hz, because anything over 60hz caused stuttering with it. That's when I started looking into the DPC latency issue. I could not boot into safe mode with it at anything other than 60hz. I returned the 1080 and decided to just wait for AMD's next high end card. It was strange getting high fps over the refresh rate of the monitor, yet experience stuttering.

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                                Eeveryone should install the driver version 15.7.1 since the 15.11 is crimson this all started with crimson.

                                RMA might not solve the problem since people here RMA twice and the problem persisted

                                YOU should do what is bellow:

                                First you should uninstall the driver, then use DDU and AMD Clean Uninstall Utility.

                                Then install the previous driver manuallly in the device manager and use Sapphire Trixxx Utility and put, go to the fans settings and click fixed and put them to 100%.

                                The problem is happening i think is that Since Crimson drivers were introduced they didn't fixed a bug that is causing overheating on the GPU's, that bug is that they fans speed is my default at 20% power and it doesn't moves even when you play, causing it titco overheat and malfuntion.

                                Also try using Memtest to see if ram has any problems.

                                Use Furmark if you can stable your system to check is the GPU is fine

                                You can also update your VBios to the latest version, it could help.

                                Windows 10 Aniversary Update is causing major issues as well i recommend either disable the automatic updates if you didn't install update or do a clean install of windows and disable the automatic updates after installation.

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                                    Based on what you are suggesting users will be unable to play Battlefield 1 and Halo Forge because, BF1 needs driver version over 16 and HF need anniversary. You cant expect users to miss out on the two biggest FPS titles. I got another suggestion "Dear AMD, Please fix your driver full stop"

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                                    I'm am going to back this post because my 390x crossfire is also randomly failing since 16.9.1. Everyone is going to keep denying there is a problem because their own build works. So if someone else's is failing it must mean that they are idiots. Not that AMD can't get there stuff together. On the other hand this is only a beta driver so lets hope a WHQL release will be better.


                                    Other complaints: Mantle no longer installs, Freesync still barely works. Frames per second have not been stable since driver 15.7.


                                    I know its all my fault... I should have gone intel/NVidia... Then at least I'd be playing the way its meant to be played. THANKS AMD FOR TAKING THE MONEY AND RUNNING!

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                                      New Drivers available


                                      Link Below