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    R9 390x "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"


      So I'm getting this message over and over and over again and I cannot seem to fix it.


      It all started a few weeks (1-2 month?) ago - I often only use my PC in the weekends at this point. Anyway I tried countless fixes on the internet and nothing have worked so far - does anyone know why it's doing it and how to fix it? The card itself is less than a year old and I haven't been smashing my pc into the wall (yet!).


      Basic info:

      R9 390x

      Running Crimson 16.9.1

      Windows 10

      Temp. right now having a browser, steam and mail client open: 43* C


      So something that has come to mind was the temperature, however at the time I got my card I decided to run a beachmark to make sure the temperature would be stable under high pressure, which it was - besides I've tried playing demanding games for hours without any issues and now it's getting that message every now and then playing a game from 2002, watching a movie i.e..


      Oh and it's not overclocked either CPU, GPU or the RAM is.


      Btw if I don't reply asap, then it's because I cannot come on till the weekends sorry.