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Radeon Hd7700 driver not getting installed

Question asked by satan176 on Sep 18, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2016 by satan176

Hi, my pc is working fine, recently i was trying to play fifa 17 demo it asked me to upgrade my graphic driver to the latest version. I downloaded the drivers and tried installing it using ati catalyst but it did not show me a option to install the display drivers. I uninstalled all the amd drivers in safe mode and tried to manually install the display driver using device manager - have disk option. Now it gives me a error saying That windows found the driver but was unable to install it and gives "the extended attributes are inconsistent windows".


I am at my wits end I tried downloading beta version as well but still the same error. Currently my display is showing as VGA default. Till now the graphic card is working fine, but yet drivers are not getting installed. Please help




System -


Win 7