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    AMD CPU FX 8350 have very poor thermal reporting?


      After a quick google search, i learned that FX series CPUs have very poor thermal reporting functionally, generally the chips report 5-10 (and in some case, 20) degrees hotter than they really are.


      And FX CPUs (like me) instead of using a direct contact thermometer uses a algorithim to "guess" the temperature, is true?

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          Yep they use math to guess the temperature, this is done to provide more accurate temperature readings over 45 degrees centigrade than a motherboard thermal diode will (the hotter they get the less accurate they are), below 45 it's not very accurate at all (hence some people seeing temps at 0 degrees even in a warm room).


          AMD's overdrive utility shows the thermal margin between current temps and thermal throttling (62 degrees) and it's the ONLY software that properly reads temps from FX cpus (all the others try to read it as if it were actually a physical temperature, which is why they're not very reliable)

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            If you're talking about the CPU Socket Temperature then yes, but there is no reason to use that temperature, what you want to use is the CPU Core Temperature. They inaccurately report temperatures below 40°C, but that's not really an issue.

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              I notice in BIOS the cpu go on 59° Celsius!!!!!!!!


              This my settings on BIOS:


              OC MODE: Manual Mode









              Overcloacked Mode: Auto

              Spread Spectrum: Auto

              CPU Active Core Control: All Cores


              Curent APM Status: Enabled

              AMD Application Power Management: Auto

              Processor Maximum Frequency: 6300 MHz

              North Bridge Maximum Frequency: 6200 MHz

              Multiplier/Voltange Change: Auto

              HT Bus Speed: Auto

              HT Buss Width: 16 Bit











              DRAM Voltage 1.500v

              CPU Voltage OFFSET: +50mV

              NB Voltage: 1.10v

              HT Voltage: 1.215v

              CPU VDDA Voltage 2.56v

              PCIE VDDA 1.81v

              SB Voltage: 1.10v






              MAIN CONFIGURATION (i dont remember name there see temperature M/B e CPU and there is 59° degrees!!!!)



              CPU Temperature: 59.0 °C

              M/B Temperature: 34.0 °C

              CPU Fan 1 Speed: 1387 RPM

              CPU Fan 2 Speed: N/A

              Chassis Fan 1 Speed: 2556 RPM

              Chassis Fan 2 Speed: N/A

              Power Fan Speed: N/A

              Vcore: +1,408v

              +12.000v     :+12.038v

              +5.00v        :+5.184v

              + 3.30v       :+3.328v    



              CPU Fan 1 & 2 Settings: Automatic Mode

              Target CPU Temperature: 50°C/122°F

              Target Fan Speed: Level 5 

              Chassis Fan 1 Setting: Automatic

              Target CPU Temperature: 50°C/122°F

              Target Fan Speed: Level 5

              Over Temperature Protection: Enabled

              Dehumidifier Function: Disabled

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                AMD processors do NOT have poor thermal reporting. Nothing is used to "Guess the temperature" on FX CPUs. AMD uses an algorithm to process data output from the CPU to determine the actual INTERNAL temp of the CPU which is dynamic and changing constantly under varying loads. Because AMD has refused to provide the exact algorithm to the aftermarket, typical temp/hardware monitoring software processes the data from the CPU register differently than the way AMD processes the data. As a result the best temp software/mobos show the AMD FX processors at approximately the correct INTERNAL core temp in the 60c-70C range. At lower temps the software produces completely inaccurate temps because the software does not use the proper algorithm. The latest versions of AIDA64, Core Temp, HWiNFO, OCCT and Core Temp are able to read the AMD FX processors pretty accurately in the 60C-70C range.


                61C is the Max User Operating Temp for the 125w FX-8000 series CPUs.  Different software/mobo makers use different names for the CPU Internal temp so you need to be sure that you are viewing the correct temp for the CPU Internal temp. Many times CPU Temp is not the Internal CPU temp but in fact the CPU SOCKET temp which can run 10C-25C higher than the internal CPU core temp.


                Because the FX-8350 is an eight core CPU a proper HSF is required to deal with the large quantity of power consumed by the FX CPUs. There are many capable HSFs that can do the job that are cost effective. You need to make sure the PC case fans are exhausting the high internal case heat from the FX-8350 and GPU card.


                There are MANY FX-8350 and FX-9590 threads in this forum that provide detailed information on how to determine:


                1. If you actually have an overheating CPU

                2. How to determine the cause of the CPU overheating

                3. How to correct the overheating issue

                4  What other important issues should also be addressed.

                5. What software provides reasonably accurate FX CPU temps and recording capabilities for troubleshooting purposes


                My AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition Processor Overheating

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                  The Temperatures are correct.They drop down to 20 and 0°c.The reason it drops down is because IT IS NOT AN INTEL PROCESSOR. I don't know why we have to beat that into peoples heads but.The old Phenoms ran at about 32°c in idle.An would jump to 60°c we did not like that so we requested that processors run cooler.So they separated the cores from each other so they run cooler an can be cooled evenly.


                  So dispite what any Intel fanboy tells you.You cores are getting well cooled.The processors does not run hot on average any more than a 75 watt light bulb.Except it has a cooler on that light bulb.So yes.Temps drop down that cool.Well below zero in fact.If you want a processor to run hot? Buy an i3 or i5 or even i7.Their cores are so close together that they create a Cone of heat.An thanks to hyper threading they always have a core running at one time.Keeping the processor always running one core at 100% use.So your temps on that are always around 36°c an climb to 78°c on even the smallest task.


                  So there.That is the answer.You're not using an Intel processor.I know this must be hard for you to grasp being new to AMD.But expect quality for a realistic price.An not expensive for outdated hardware.

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                      if you want to use the cpu to run at max performance all the time as in desktop photo rendering and stuff you really need a water cooled solution. But gaming these days rely more on gpu`s. The cpu typically runs under 50% gaming so temperature's are in safe margins. If you have more room for case fans that would help with overall cooling. I found over 1.4volt would cook the cpu but wouldn't stabilise it. If you want the cpu to run cooler either remove over-clocking which will drop the voltage or go with an all in one water cooling solution