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    Hard System Crash


      I've had the new RX 480 Sapphire Nitro for around 2 weeks now and have been experiencing an occasional hard system crash about ounce a day. Although I can never link the problem to a specific action that crashes the PC, I think it's linked to cpu / gpu usage or perhaps overheating or driver issues as well. I've been messing around with Global WattMan in hopes of stopping an overuse problem, but every time the PC basically 'looses power', the settings completely reset. I've dug through post after post about how this is driver related and should have been fixed in 16.9.2 driver but to no success. No crash reports can be created either... Any help is much appreciated!



      OS: Windows 10

      CPU: AMD FX-8320

      RAM: 8GB

      Motherboard: ASUS M5A97  LE R2.0

      Graphics: 8192MB ATI Radeon RX 480 Graphics Sapphire


      Let me know if anything is missing...

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          What temperatures is the GPU hitting?


          Does the system just randomly turn off? Are you getting driver crashes?


          Try the following setting in Wattman/Radeon Settings.


          +50% Power Tune

          Power Efficiency On

          Compatibility Mode On

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              The GPU has a resting state of around about 42 Celsius and in intense visual moments (ie. Games + Netflix) I've seen it reach up to 80 or so. The System crash is usually linked to intensity, but I've also had it shut down while rendering videos, Skyping while gaming, and even just idle. I will occasionally get a clarification that the GPU has crashed and recovered but all WattMan settings were "restored" meaning they reset to default. Again, no crash report -_-. I'm currently attempting your suggested settings, but it is fairly unpredictable. I'll let you know any progress I get in a day or two. Thank you very much!!!

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              AMD Clean Uninstall Utility

              Eeveryone should install the driver version 15.7.1 since the 15.11 is crimson this all started with crimson.

              RMA might not solve the problem since people here RMA twice and the problem persisted

              YOU should do what is bellow:

              First you should uninstall the driver, then use DDU and AMD Clean Uninstall Utility.

              Then install the previous driver manuallly in the device manager and use Sapphire Trixxx Utility and put, go to the fans settings and click fixed and put them to 100%.

              The problem is happening i think is that Since Crimson drivers were introduced they didn't fixed a bug that is causing overheating on the GPU's, that bug is that they fans speed is my default at 20% power and it doesn't moves even when you play, causing it titco overheat and malfuntion.

              Also try using Memtest to see if ram has any problems.

              Use Furmark if you can stable your system to check is the GPU is fine

              You can also update your VBios to the latest version, it could help.

              Windows 10 Aniversary Update is causing major issues as well i recommend either disable the automatic updates if you didn't install update or do a clean install of windows and disable the automatic updates after installation.

              Users here said that overvolting or downvolting the memory ram could solve it, but that was just for a few users.