Drivers 16.7.3 and 16.9.1 broken for the Dolphin emulator on DX11

Discussion created by mimimi on Sep 18, 2016



some change between 16.6.2 and 16.7.3 broke the graphics when playing New Super Mario Bros via Dolphin using DirectX 11. On the latest Dolphin version, it looks like this, when using 16.7.3 or 16.9.1:

SMNP01-3.png - Google Drive


Hopefully more helpful is that the change from Dolphin 4.0-5012 to 4.0-5016, which is:

D3D: remove load texture on creation optimization by degasus · Pull Request #1501 · dolphin-emu/dolphin · GitHub

broke it, and apparently no issue appears before that.


The issue that occurs after this change looks like this:

SMNP01-1 (1).png - Google Drive

SMNP01-2.png - Google Drive


And eventually it changes to the 1st screenshot.


I'd be willing to provide more details, if required. Upgrading and downgrading the driver is a bit annoying for me, since i need to connect another display for driver downgrades, see my other trhead. If the driver *updater* could downgrade drivers, it would be easier.


PS: The GPU is a Radeon HD 7790, and i'm using Windows 7 64 bit.