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    HDMI still not usable for a tv as main display




      can somebody tell me what setting i need to use in order to use a hdmi connected tv as main display? My tv does not get a picture from my uefi/bios, even though it is set to display at 1920x1080. My tv detects it as 1080p50, but that mode works when i try it in windows. When i need to change uefi settings, i need to connect another screen with VGA support, so i can see what i'm doing.


      Also, after uninstalling the gpu driver, for a driver downgrade, it did also not manage to display anything via hdmi. The resolution was set to 800x600. Again, that resolution is not the problem, as it works, when i set it in windows.


      So, what do i need to do, in order to get a picture from uefi?


      The mainboard is a ASRock Z97 Anniversary with the lastest firmware. The GPU is a Radeon HD 7790.