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R9 Fury vs R9390. Can I ask one of the AMD tech's a question or someone else. Transistors/Shading GPU

Question asked by molokow on Sep 17, 2016

The whole 4gb thing people go on about and the 4k resolution. With more memory being better, ie. I must but a 8GB card minimum.


Now, take Deus Ex Mankind dx12 for example.


Ok both R9390 and Fury do dx12.


Now the R9390 above 2550 x 1440 will get chunky with Ultra shaders.

Now the difference between the R9390 and the Fury is the amount of transistors to process those shaders.


Now there is not point going above 2550 x 1440 (for example) - which is within the 4gb Graphics card memory limit for either card at the current technology level due to the amount of shaders that need to be drawn above this resolution thus 4GB is more than enough.


Now the Fury with the additional transistors for shading will be able to do a higher shader level than the R9390 purely based on this fact.

I would then suggest the FPS is not the essential element here but rather the amount of shaders drawn at any one time at the same resolution?


Am I right?
If so, give me a job




I may be the only customer in the world that gets it.