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    [workaround] BSoD in atikmpag.sys when launching CivIII


      It got often (say 50%) a crash (BSoD) when launching Civilization III



      - Windows 10 64 bits

      - AMD Radeon HD 7800 series

      - driver (autodetectutility says "up-to-date")

      - 2 displays, one is horizontal (primary), the other is vertical


      When launching Civilization III, sometimes, the screens flicker several times and it ends with a BSoD with an error in atikmpag.sys


      CivIII configuration

      • civilization3.ini
        • KeepRes=1
      • in Infogrames\civ3\art\Movies, intro.bik renamed in order to avoid the introductory video


      I renamed the video back to intro.bik and the problem does not happen again (at least today)


      Hope that helps