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Did AMD remove the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to switch presets?

Question asked by smithton on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by nhl

I've been a die-hard ATI/AMD user since you've been making cards. Unwilling to support nvidia because of their sleazy biz practices like Gameworks, Physx, et cetera. I've just updated from "Catalyst" to "Settings" and I'm going to take a hard look at nvidia next purchase. Put the shortcut keys to switch presets back in the gui, and provide a homogenous interface rather than half settings / half catalyst holdover. Having to open radeon settings, click preferences, then click radeon additional settings, wait for another app to open, the click presets, the click the preset I want is absolutely infuriating. Something I was previously able to do in an instant is now an exercise in tedium. Is the recommend fix to roll back to catalyst and be stuck with 2 year old drivers?