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    The Crew MSAA bug.


      Hello, next post about MSAA in The Crew...

      When I turning on msaa (x4 / x8) textures getting crash ;-;
      I read mail to ubisoft but I can't find adres to amd support :/ if anyone know them e-mail please post it.

      AMD Graphics Card - asus radeon rx470 strix 4gb

      Operating System - windows 10 64bit

      Driver version installed Crimson 16.9.1

      Display Devices - samsung syncmaster 940nw

      Motherboard - Asrock h110m - hdv

      CPU - i5-6500 3.2GHz 6MB

      Power Supply Unit  Make - antec vp 500

      RAM - hyperX 8GB ddr4 2133MHz

      The crew settings ( ULTRA / msaa x4)

      P.S sorry for eng...


      The Crew2016-9-15-21-44-6.jpg