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Graphics card works without AMD driver

Question asked by kisushi on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by jigzaw

I have been having problems with my graphics card, i can't play any game or even browser because it crashes with the screen going with vertical lines , freezes the computer and depending on the screen color has it can have any color. like por example blue with white stripes or blue with black stripes.


Before when i turnet on the computer it was very hard to log in without crashing witha  blank black screen i would have to do it several times or i would need to restart with safe mode and uninstall the drivers, that happen with the 15.11 and 16.7.1.


But now with the newest driver that i installed 16.9.1 i can easily log in windows without having any blank black screen but, every time happens not just the problem i said about of the vertical lines but even more problems like the one that is on the screenshot (this happened after the vertical lines problem and the computer frooze), during the wait time for the screenshot problem the screen glitched appearing multiple color vertical lines, along with glitching image of what i was doing to the computer till the screen went black.  























After i restarted the computer the and log in what happen there was different there was no vertical lines just the pointer getting big and the freezing that's all that happen.


My question is that is it really my graphics card problem?


Since if i unistall AMD driver i have 0 problems i can play games watch videos everything, well i can't have the same performance in playing games i will have massive fps drops in 3d heavy games like tales of zestiria, call of duty or even games such as bloodrayne.


My point is if the problem is the graphics card since in every post relating to this everyone is saying it's the card is faulty why i can do everything without no driver and when i install a driver my pc freezes and doesn't let me be more than 15min?


PS: My OS is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, i didn't made the windows 10 aniversary update because of the problems that everyone was having.

PS2: My graphics card is an Sapphire R9 270X OC Edition

PS3: Power supply is XFX Pro 650 XXX Edition

PS4: Memory ram is Gskill Ripjaws 2X4GB 1600mhz CL7

PS5: MOBO is Asrock 970 Extreme4

PS6:CPU is AMD FX8350 Black Box Edition

PS7: I upgraded my Bios from 2.30 to 2.80 a long time ago so i think that's not the problem here as well