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    AMD Raedon video driver won't install on Windows 7, need help!!


      Hello everyone,

      I did quite a lot of research before making my account on here and posting. Anyway, I am having trouble downloading the AMD video driver. I first went through the steps to view my current driver and hit "update driver." Well this took to long, so I went on HP's website and downloaded it there. After install, I got the catalyst installer and went through the steps, but at the end it came up with a message saying a warning (issues) occurred during the install. I hit finish and looked at the driver properties, still the orginal.

      After that, I deleted any AMD services or removed it. Then I rebooted and then went straight to AMD's website and searched for the driver that applies to my computer. I got a HD6000 version or it was the 15.7 (I thin). I installed that one and navigated to the catayst installer (which btw looked different this time). At the end, I got a pop up saying that it failed and didn't install.

      I also tried to go through the driver properties yet again and updateing it manually (after 15.7 was downloaded). Still, nothing.


      Should I uninstall my original driver and see what that does? I'm just afraid of messing up my PC. During the process, I didn't stop antivirus services (webroot). Maybe that was the problem. I need this driver to allow my computer better graphics for games such as Stalker Shadows of Chernobyl. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.