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And all of a sudden a nightmare began

Question asked by dstructuk on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by ray_m

With no previous problems whatsoever, out of the blue yesterday I tried playing World of Warcraft and within 2 minutes the game completely locked up and after a few moments I was able to tab out and end the process, to see an error saying "Application was blocked from accessing graphics hardware", never seen this message before.. Dont know whats changed or making this happen/prevent but it totally baffled me.
Relaunched WoW shortly after and the exact same problem happened.



I totally uninstalled the AMD software and drivers from my system and then downloaded the latest driver from the AMD website (I was only 1 version out of date) and then after that, yesterday I was able to play with no trouble.


Just came home from work now and played, actually forgot what happened yesterday and then after about 10 minutes my game has just well and truly crashed, 100% PC lock. Could not alt+tab out, could not even ctrl alt del, I had to press the restart button.


Where can I go for help to solve this? I was looking under the windows event log for the last hour and saw nothing about WoW.exe but I did see something for AMD Settings, I have a feeling its the AMD driver/software that is causing me problems....... Cant say revert back because the previous version was fine for weeks up until yesterday and now today since last night I am using a different version anyway.


Please help, I am puzzled


I am using the R9 290X on Windows 10

Thanks for reading, will appreciate any responses