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    OC Bug R9 270x.


      Hi, I have a bug with my R9 270x.


      When I OC it, it seems to works well, but sometimes my core and memory got restaured at default, and lower than original.

      I have it OC at 1110 from 1070 (Core), and 1500 from 1400 (memory) but when the bug happens, I have the core at 1020 (i don't know why) and the memory at 1400.


      A dude told me that it seems a bug that happens when u open browsers, but a lot of times when I close them, I still having the issue.


      I test with 4 different oc programs, and its the same.


      any help?



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          It sounds like a conflict with using third party tools to overclock. You might need to contact the developers of those programs.


          If you remove them all, and then navigate to Radeon Settings > Preferences > Restore Factory Defaults and then use Overdrive/Watmman to overclock, that may resolve the issue.