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Low fps on Acer Aspire E 15

Question asked by enster on Sep 14, 2016

I think there is : 1. something wrong with my "hardware", 2. there is something wrong with my "software/drivers".


As I said in "title" I own Acer Aspire E 15 (more accurate: E5-551g-81JC)
Specifications are:


AMD Quad-core Processor A8-7100 (1.8 ghz / turbo up to 3,0 ghz)

AMD Radeon R7 M265 (2GB) + AMD Radeon R5 (1GB, this one is integrated)


1TB WD disk

Notebook came with Windows 8,1 and was ready to upgrade to Windows 10. (I upgraded to win 10)


FPS problems + cpu lags in games (sometimes even when using firefox)
League of Legends: Low - Medium quality: 20-45 FPS (sometimes in fight it drops under 20)
CS:GO: its nearly unplayeable even on ultra low settings (21FPS)
Maplestory: even simple game like this freeze for about 10 sec when i kill more then 5 mobs instantly


More problems:
When notebook came it was overheating (sometimes speedfan or another program showed up: CPU= 90-102°C), so i stopped to using notebook and bought cooling pad.
It reduced the heat to like 80°C after like one day it went normal: around 55°C / graphics was always around 50°C.


Drivers & settings:
My drivers are up to date (all of them), my notebook power saving option is set to "Maximal Performance". In settings i set notebook UI for "Performance" too.





It's normal to have such low FPS on such specification? It's normal that this notebook has such slow performance?
I don't know if i should send my notebook to "warranty servis" (I think it's called like this )or it's normal and i don't have reason to send it over to servis.
I will be glad for every tip


Thanks in  advance for answers