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AMD R9 m375(4GB) giving very low FPS

Question asked by vishal.k947 on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by amdmatt

I recently got the new Lenovo Z51-70 Laptop with the following specs-


PROCESSOR- Intel Core i5 5200U

GPU- AMD R9 m375 4GB


I recently installed windows 8.1 x64 version due to some issues. I installed all the latest drivers of Intel HD graphics as well as the latest AMD drivers. But however it seems my GPU is not able to give its full potential as i am getting low FPS in games like GTA 5, CS-GO NFS RUN etc. I earlier had the same version of windows 8.1 and all the games worked fine. Before reinstalling windows i used to get 60 FPS in GTA 5 at medium settings but now i get only 20-30 FPS, NFS RUN would run without lag at ultra settings at 30 FPS locked but now NFS lags very bad.

I even checked the power saving settings and the laptop was not in power saving mode and yes i keep the charger connected while playing games. So please can anyone help me fix this big problem ?