Bumped to medium graphics in War Thunder using a notebook with Radeon R6/R7 graphics

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Since last January I've been playing the game War Thunder on an HP Pavilion laptop with AMD Radeon Graphics. The game when booting the game for the first time it stated that my computer could run it with the high graphics settings.


About a month ago, with the Windows 10 anniversary update, the Radeon Settings warned me that there was a new software update -to version 16.30.2311- which I upgraded to. Everything seemed fine, but that night, when starting up War Thunder, it gave me the following warning:




I found it odd since, after having trouble with another game (World of Warplanes/Tanks) I had never used the Radeon settings different options to try to get better graphics out of War Thunder, so I had never selected switching between the R6 and the R7 graphics.


So, for the last month I've been having this message pop up every time I start the game. The main consequence of it is that, when playing the game in first person mode, the cockpit graphics are noticeable low-quality and the pilot's body can't be seen.



Low quality textures, noticeable in the dials



Look ma! No pilot! (Also low quality textures visible, specially in the seat).


This wouldn't be such an issue if the game didn't lock me out of changing my graphics to the high setting, as seen below.



No high graphics for you (even if yesterday you were using them with no problem).


Last night I got fed up and decided to downgrade my graphics drivers to version 15.30.1025, since I distinctly remember that being downloaded this year and giving me no problem whatsoever with War Thunder. After wrestling with the computer for an hour, I got those drivers installed.


But this morning, when launching the game, the same warning message appears once again. I'm stuck with low quality graphics, no pilot and a warning message every time I start the game that makes me feel as if I'm trying to run it on a very old PC.


Which is not the case. This is a HP Pavilion bought in July of 2015. It has an AMD A10-8700P, Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G processor at 1.8Ghz with 12 GB of RAM running Windows 10, 64-bit version. On the graphics part, well, since there's too much information, here's the screen grab of the tabs in the "System"part of the Radeon Settings program:










As stated before, I started getting this problem when I installed the newest version of the software, which was 16.7.3, according to this other screengrabTemp6.JPG


I thank you in advance for any kind of help you're able to provide me.