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    Arma 3 memory crashes pls i need help


      The instruction at 0x00000000017B069 referenced memory at 0x0000000000000070. the memory could not be read

      i got a I7-2600 2nd gen cpu with a cheap air cooler on it not over clocked cuz it will do a self boost to 4.2 was the highest I've seen it

      16gb of 1333 mem (2x of 8gb corsair vengeance)

      a MSI R7-360 OC running at 1207 max gpu and memory maxed at 2000 that has a temp around 60 degrees C and never goes above 70 cuz i cut a hole in the side of my case to attach a 120mm AF fan, my case was designed for 92mm fans but i have a better power supplies to give out for the bigger fans and gpu. but typically i can run fallout 4 in ultra setting with everything maxed except motion blur and i had a solid 45 fps sometimes 60 if im not anywhere near much or in a small area AND i had a season mod(spring) and it looked awesome but these damn memory dumps are killing me in the dayZ modded servers in arma. like i looked into it apparently arma's support told me to upgrade/downgrade my software or go to a different server....... i dunno but i like the zombie games but all the subbed mods i got won't work with arma's normal server matchmaking and CCG is the only thing that works.

      Any help with this would be awesome