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    Pc keeps cutting off. Not often but pretty often


      My pc keeps cutting out. All my temps are fine. Please help

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          Without providing the correct information no one can help you.


          People are of all different knowledge levels from novice to experienced PC builder come to this forum for help. Few people IME ever READ THE FORUM rules or highlighted help info. prior to posting a question. If they actually read the info. provided then they would already know:


          1. They need to provide the info. listed in this thread:


          Read This First !


          2. They would also know the rules for the forum which is the FIRST thing listed in the READ THIS FIRST thread:


          AMD Support Forums - Rules & Regulations and Terms of Membership


          3. They would also know that when they post a question that the AMD server pulls up RECENT threads on the subject question being asked. In these threads is a tremendous quantity of valuable information that can resolve almost all known issues that an AMD customer might experience. The threads with FX-9590 CPUs overheating is a perfect example. There are way too many of these threads where people have to repeat the same information over and over because the person asking the question has failed to read and understand the information provided in the most recent 5+ threads on FX-9590 overheating issues.


          4. There is a very good reason why AMD has highlighted "READ THIS FIRST" and the "Forum Rules" for anyone coming to the AMD User Support Forums - This information is important to help other AMD user's help new people to the forum with their issues.


          5. Being abusive, uncivil or disrespectful are violations of the forum rules and will not be tolerated.