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RX 480 - 16.9.1 - crash/reboot PC - Black screen -  any game after fully launch

Question asked by cssoz on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2016 by thecamelman79

So here's simply list of my spec for now:

i7 2600k 3.4ghz - turbo (was 4.0ghz OC)

Hyper 212 X Turbo

Z68XP-UD4 rev 1.0 F6 bios (legacy)

16 DDR3 RAM 1333mhz (was 1604mhz)

HX750 corsair PSU

RX 480 8GB Gigabyte G1 Gaming (i had a GTX 750 ti Gigabyte)

Temp: 48 - 50c idle (since i can't game)

via Dual link DVI-D - 900p monitor

jondam aryjiormu ijackie boomie hedaurabesh thecamelman79 supra hardcoregames™


- After being super excited to find out i can't even play ANY games

- Instantly black screen - reboot pc on GPU-Z (v1.11) render test also.

- After a game being fully launched (characters etc) it will crash my (enitre) PC with a black screen

- Restarts instantly by itself

- on games - Warframe, Bioshock infinite, GW2 which previously worked on my green team GPU


I have try (still black screen crash pc after)

- turning off - on-board GPU

- DUU (thing to uninstall all 3 drivers in safe mode) over 3 - 4 times for all 3 OEM

- AMD cleaner

- 8 pin is connected and properly (even did some cable management) - even swapped PCI-E 8 pin cables

- re install RX 480 physically (made sure no dust and stuff in the PCI-E slot)

- try under clocking it via AMD Settings


i have searched and many has the same issue but not so much on 16.9.1 driver, any solution? or idea? if RMA how do i contact AMD/

RX480 crash in games, no crash in Burn-In Benchmarks (Furmark) <--- seems to be the same issue but I have a custom cooling card.


Thanks in advanced