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Lenovo G50 - 80 amd r5 m330 driver problem

Question asked by on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by amdmatt

Hello Guys,


I recently bought a Lenovo G50 - 80 Model with MAD R5 M330 graphics card with 2GB memory. I bought the laptop with DOS and therefore I did not receive the Driver Installation CD (dont even have a clue whether they provide a CD anymore)


After i installed Windows 7 64 Bit i went ahead and installed AMD VGA driver for WIN 7 64 bit frm official Lenovo Support site --> 477 MB file.


AMD catalyst software was installed. I could even see the AMD R5 M330 in Device manager under Display Adapters. But it had an Exclamatory sign indicating something is wrong with it. And Driver status was installed. Could not update it as it said it is up to date.


in BIOS, graphics settings is DISCRETE (by default)


Now my only concern is when i run DXDiag and check in Display, it says Intel Chipset. Is it because lenovo forgot to add AMD GPU by chance. I m supposed to have it but chipset says Intel.


Also please point me out to the latest driver link if possible and mention any other steps missing in order to get the R5 M330 up and running (cant even enjoy windows 7 Aero effects currently )


How do i verify i have the AMD r5 M330 hardware and get the perfect latest driver.exe for it