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    Getting a BSOD on Windows 10 (Anniversary Update) for dxgmms2.sys


      Hello guys, so I've been looking up for this error and most common googling took me on nvidia subreddit that people have this error too. But since I'm an AMD user did some searching here.


      I saw some guys have the same issue with older drivers. My current driver is 16.9.1 (latest to date) and I get this BSOD error for dxgmms2.sys. As BlueScreeView says it's a DirectX Graphics MMS problem and I'm on the latest Anniversary Update for Win 10. I never had this problem before. This happened now with 16.9.1 drivers and Anniversary Update and happened 2 times so far without even gaming. I was browsing around my PC and suddenly BSOD.


      As I don't see any workarounds or any of the other guys posted had any solutions answered, I hope there'll be a fix as soon as possible.


      As mentioned. I'm on latest GPU drivers (R9 390), latest mobo drivers, latest BIOS drivers.