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Profiles don't work for any game at all

Question asked by sckhar on Sep 12, 2016
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So, as the title says, profiles for my games never work, they never worked, since the first edition of AMD Crimson both on my past R9 270x and my current R9 380.

There are a few games in which I like to change the graphics options, like in World of Warcraft, I'd like to set it to have the fans at 100% because I tend to play this game for like 12+ hours nonstopping and I live in a city that sometimes the temperatures go over 40ºC, so having the fans at 100% while playing WoW helps keep my card a bit cooler, but no matter what I do, Crimson won't do it, I manually add the profile, set it to work on the wow-64.exe, which is the exe that I use and set the fan to 100%, but it won't work, it only works if I enable it on the global profile.

It is the same with all games, both the profiles that the Crimson adds by itself when clicking scan or manual ones I add.


I read it that it seems to be a fairly normal issue, but nobody seems to have an answer of why that happens.


Is there anything I can do aside from having to edit the global profile each time I want a custom setting for a game?