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Unwanted switch to onboard display adapter on display disconnect from ATI card in W7

Question asked by mma on Sep 13, 2016
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I have 30+ computers on XP with no integrated graphics cards and ATI Radeon HD 5670 video cards, connected to video projectors (VP).

We want to upgrade the PCs to Dell Optiplex 3020, which have an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 card, with Windows 7 SP1 Pro, keeping the HD 5670 and the VPs connected to them.

I installed the BIOS A09, the IHDG 4400 driver version, and Catalyst Control Center 15.7.1 with the HD 5670 driver version 15.200.1062.1004.

It works fine except a big problem for our venue : if we power off the VP, Windows switches to use the "VGA adapter", and when we power on the VP, Windows does not switch back to the HD 5670 adapter.

We have to connect (VNC) to the PC, open CCC and tell it to detect the display, which it does indeed.

We need to have the AMD software (or the Microsoft software) automatically detect when a display reconnects to the HD 5670 card and switch to it.

We have tried different things with no success : 1) set in the BIOS the Primary Display to Auto, 2) the same to ATI Radeon, 3) disable the Intel Graphics card in the Device Manager.

Anyone has a solution or a hint ?

Thanks in advance.