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Scaling option 5% and so on.... WTH!!

Question asked by tankerreview on Sep 12, 2016


What is with this scaling options.. This 4% and 5% and so on. What happen to the good old. resize desktop. Now on 4% I am missing bottom parts of my screen. On 5 % I get the bottom and top. But the sides are black.

Instead of being the right size for my screen " 48 inch flat screen T.V " it is now all GGGGRRRRRED.


I had to get my R9 390 sent back to asus for a issue it had. But once I got the new drivers... My screen is either over shot the mark or under shot. Why can't I just pick the screen I want? I set display to 1920 by 1080 for my youtube channel recording. But scaling always fixed it. But now this % crap has gone insane!!