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Can somebody help me with amd radeon 6990 hd?

Question asked by nolan2016 on Sep 12, 2016
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Last night I tried the override settings under the catalyst menu and I've tried before changing the settings (pushing to a higher level) and I know it didn't work because the screen had frozen and all I had to do is to reboot the system and everything was fine but this time when I've tried to override the settings and hit the 'apply' button (I've moved the circle a little bit higher), nothing happened but when I tried to restore the web browser window (chrome) the screen went black immediately. I thought that the system got frozen and then I unplugged it, but when I've tried this morning to boot the PC it only shows the black screen, everything else is working but nothing comes up on the monitor.  And I can hear HDD working.


things I've tried: 


removed the CMOS battery

tried to reset the CMOS by changing the jumper

tried different PCI slot

RAM seems to be fine


I couldn't have tested my graphic card to a different system because I don't have another PC.


Is there any solution to reset the GPU or the system?