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    GTA V


      Hello! I have a notebook of HP with the built-in video card R5 Graphics and the discrete R5 M430 2GB. The problem is that GTA V doesn't see my R5 M430, they sees only R5 Graphics, and in settings only of 1024 mb. Prompt how to solve this problem?

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          Read this and make sure you have assigned the discrete GPU to GTA IV.

          How to Configure Laptop Switchable Graphics

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            please help with the same issue as we just purchased a new laptop with almost the same configuration and its like impossible to play games on this laptop. its not with one game but is with every 3rd old game i play made before 2016,and these are the games that are meant to be played on laptops with such configurations .

            And getting no support from amd is very disappointing in this case as we can not blame all the all games .

            Please look into this matter as this is not just happening with one game but with all the games .

            I hope i can get a reply for this as we do not have any option for playing games on this laptop all new games are not supported the one we like does not work .

            ex: Nfs hot pursuit 10 , Gta v , Gta 4 .