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I think............

Question asked by ambrose on Sep 13, 2016
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I have seen/read the desire from some of the main people who try to help others on these forums, that it would be nice to have a form for people to fill out with system specs, but it seems like it is falling on deaf ears. It must be so aggravating to suggest to people the desire to have system specs so others can help but it just doesn't seem to sink in.


I would like to go a step further in a suggestion.


I Think........ That if and when the time comes to implement a system spec form in each section of the forums for people to fill out, that the AMD forums should be offline for 2-3 days with a Notice in " BIG RED LETTERS " Stating........ That AMD Forums are off line while we make some adjustments for the information needed when asking for advice.


  People who do not supply needed information when asking for help with an issue, their question(s) WILL NOT BE ANSWERED.


Sincerely, Ambrose


P.S. Please don't ask your question in the subject line, only for people to read it again in the body of your question, for the majority of the times only to say, " Please supply system info  "


Cheers all and thanks to the main people on here that have the intestinal fortitude to not pull their hair out trying to answer questions with little or no information to go on.