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    ASUS Strix RX480 - Driver Crash


      Hi all,


      i´m from germany and i got the following problem:


      When i play World of Warcraft Legion, after 1h the game stops and a message:

      "The AMD Display Driver has been recoverd" appears.

      I dont know what i should do...


      My System:



      Mainboard:           MSI  970A-G43

                                   Bios A.6 (Neustes)

      RAM:                    GEIL Black Dragon 8GB

      CPU:                    AMD FX 8350 4GHz


      Grafics Card:

      Typ:                     ASUS Strix RX 480

                                  SN: G8C0YZ120714

      Driver:                 16.9.1

      OS:                      Windows 10 (64 Bit)

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          What is the GPU temperature when it crashes? Use GPU-Z to monitor. Run Memtest86+ to rule out faulty RAM. Use a program such as AIDA64 to monitor the +12v voltage and ensure it is not dipping below 11.9v.

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              Thanks for the quick answer. The Temperatur is about 68° while error. I´ve used memtest86+ to check out the ram, and there are no faults.

              What i´ve not tested is the power with AIDA64. But i don´t think its the problem... I´ve testet the game with the same settings an da R9 380x.

              This card uses more power and it runs perfect with it...

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                  Not really, the RX 480 can draw more than 150w, and it draws much more from the PCIe slot than the 380X, so it could be your lower end motherboard.

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                      No it doesnt because this version of ASUS STRIX ROG RX480 have a completely different PCB design with 6 power phases directly to the power supply...


                      for the GPU Die it self not a single watt of it is drawn from the PCI on this version of the RX480.


                      The only thing used from the PCI is the power that goes for Vram and other component, but even if you push max OC it will draw is from the power supply.



                      I have the same GPU and since day one I upgraded from my GTX570 to this AMD, I also get a lot of crashes, freezes and some minor games that dont even open anymore.


                      It already crashed to desktop Skyrim Remaster with no error message, other time I changed to TV source for like 30 min, changed back to the hdmi of the PC and Skyrim was completely frozen, had to restart


                      Mirrors Edgle Catalyst also crashed to Desktop with no error message.


                      BF1 already frozen like twice.


                      Even watching some kind of videos on the internet have lag and causes firefox to crash too.



                      Anyway check if you have Asus GPU TWEAK II installed, either remove it using the removal tool for it or update it to the last version because older versions were causing big problems, lag on windows and black or gray screens (had that problem and its reported. After updating to the last update I havent had more problems with black\gray screens or BSOD).



                      ps: And with older AMD drivers on first day I was even getting some BSOD crashes, though it never happened anymore after some driver update, but the rest is the same sadly.