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freeze during installing crimson later than 16.7.2(July19)

Question asked by phoenix_1024 on Sep 11, 2016
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I need a help.


When I'm trying to install drivers later, than 16.7.2, system will freeze.

After that, I have only one way - safe mode.


I did try to clean my system with DDU.


My system:

Laptop - CLEVO P150EM

System - Windows 10 x64

Intel drivers (chipset&HD4000) - Latest

BIOS - Latest


Also, I tried to install the drivers via device manager, but I received the same result.

Today, I tried to install 16.9.1, and I get freeze (


Thank to AMD for AMAZING drivers!


How to fix this problem? I don't want to use old drivers (16.7.2 and earlier).

P.S. With 16.7.2 (and earlier), my system is absolutely stable. So, it's software problem.