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    Crossfire not working


      2x r9 280X Crossfire not working.. Crimson crossfire option not showing! Reinstalled Windows and installed old drivers.. still not showing.. gpu-z: Crossfire disabled


      intel core i5 750

      Gigabyte p55m-ud2

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          Navigate to Radeon Settings > Gaming > Global Settings and make sure it is enabled.

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              Have same problem with dual XFX R9 280X DD installed. The Radeon global settings look as above but  the buttons "AMD Crossfire Logo" and "AMD Crossfire on/off toggle" simply do not appear. So i cant switch them on/off...

              My rig:

              Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz / Mainboard ASUS Z97-K / Patriot 16GB DDR3 Memory / Power Supply FSP Aurum S 600W /

              Windows 10 / Display Acer P223w / I use the DVI-I Dual link cable. Experimented with all display connectorss on both cards including HDMI with no result.

              I uninstalled the drivers prior to the installation of 2nd card and installed the original (old) drivers coming on CD.

              The Crossfire activation switch appeared but was not working when clicked... after the update to the actual RADEON Settings everything related to Crossfire disappeared. Yes, the Crossfire Bridge is installed. All fans on both cards are working. Even the Windows manager is showing both cards are working fine. GPU-Z is showing both cards with detailed numbers but states "AMD Crossfire disabled".

              System info in RADEON Settings says "Hardware R9 200 Series #1 (Disabled)" / Hardware R9 200 Series #2 (Primary).

              My rig is labeled SLI / AMD Crossfire Ready. I dont understand whats wrong...

              Any help would be highly appreciated !!!

              Kind regards, Roger