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    Help needed: RX 470 no signal no idea


      Good day everyone,


      So it's been 5-6 hours now, I am already exhausted so I decided to join you guys to ask some questions to give me some clarification. So I finally saved and bought myself an RX 470 from Sapphire, specifically the reference version or what they call it "Platinum" not the Nitro+ one. At first I decided to unplug my old GPU w/c is a HD5750 GDDR5 then run DDU to make sure everything is fresh before upgrading. When I finally plugged in my new GPU that's when I noticed that it doesn't have much of connector options just 3 display port and 1 HDMI. So that was my first dilemma. I have an LCD monitor (Asus VH232S) with only a VGA connector. It's old and honestly its been awhile since I upgraded my computer (by the look of my old GPU). I had been using a VGA to DVI adapter on my old GPU so gladly new GPU came w/ an HDMI to DVI adapter. I connected everything from RX 470 HDMI port to HDMI to DVI adapter to DVI to VGA adapter then plugged it to my VGA monitor. To my surprise when I turned it on, there was no display (No VGA display) so what I did was removed my new GPU, connected my VGA monitor directly to motherboard's VGA port, then Install the RX 470 driver that came inside the box w/o any issues. Restarted my computer then went to bios, this time to disable IGD (integrated graphics), then plugged in my new GPU. I still got the same issue (No VGA display), so I did updated my driver, updated bios however still no luck. So at this point I dont know what else to do. Do I have to upgrade my motherboard or monitor too? Here is my complete specs:

      CPU: AMD a8-7600

      Motherboard: Gigabyte ga-f2a58m-ds2

      RAM: 4GB 1600mhz

      Storage: 1TB Seagate HDD

      Old GPU: HIS HD5700

      New GPU: Sapphire RX 470 4gd5

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          This sounds like a hardware compatibility issue caused by the use of several different adapters HDMI > DVI > VGA. VGA is not natively supported, so it is most likely the problem with the 470. HDMI > DVI should work just fine with the 470 though.

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            HDMI is a purely digital interface that is compatible with the digital part of DVI. It's doubtful that it is supplied with the "expensive" DAC needed to run VGA. A proper HDMI to DVI adapter would've been impossible to connect to a DVI to VGA adapter without damaging it. The VGA signals are provided by the four pins at the bottom of the adapter, and is usually provided by the card's RAMDAC.

            The pins look like this

            : | :

            The thing at the centre is ground, while the four pins provide analogue RGB and sync.

            Your best bet is to get a DP to VGA or HDMI to VGA adapter. Those things come with a DAC. Even if your card has a DVI port, there is no guarantee that a DVI to VGA adapter will work as a lot of the new ones doesn't come with the necessary analogue pins.