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    W5100 wont sync


      I have a W5100, converting signal to HDMI (passive) then to SDI(active through AJA Hi5) only the first device connected will work, and only one device will work at a time.  I can't get more than one Output to have image at a time.  Any thought?


      Also why isn't there any real AMD technical support? I mean, I love community support and all but it seems that some questions should be answered by a AMD tech.

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          This is a peer to peer support forum, but you can open a support ticket here. Email Form


          Adding our Firepro expert to see if he can answer this query for you. fsadough

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            Please provide detailed information on how you have connected Hi5 and how many. Provide exact details on the DP-HDMI adapters used.

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                Thanks for your help. Here is how I have it setup:


                W5100 > Dp to HDMI adaptor(passive) > AJA HDMI to SDI (HA5)


                I've also tried:


                W5100 > DP to DVI (active) > DVI to HDMI (passive) > AJA SDI (HA5)


                Currently I have two that I would like dedicated (along with the control

                monitor, which doesn't need an AJA converter). So Three ports are used on

                the w5100.


                I have no issue getting the monitor to work, along with one aja (on any

                other port), its the second AJA unit that I can't get to work (on any port).


                My first order of business today is to test all the ports with stand along

                monitors (no aja's in line), and reinstall/reset all the drivers.



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                    Sorry but I need detailed info.

                    W5100 > Dp to HDMI adaptor(passive) > AJA HDMI to SDI (HA5) >  ?????

                    • What is the DP-HDMI adapter? Make and model, a URL would be great.
                    • What is connected to AJA HDMI to SDI (HA5)?
                    • What exactly are you trying to do?
                    • What is the application you are using?