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r7 370 crossfire 16.9.1 driver - screen blinks between black and desktop

Question asked by teclis22 on Sep 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by teclis22

Hi all.


I just bought 2  sapphire r7 370 4gb oc cards to replace my very old hd4870


when i turn on crossfire every game (left 4 dead,vermintide, payday2) "blinks" between a black screen (sound is stuttering) and the desktop in a high frequency.

when i tab out the sound normalizes in the background.


when i turn crossfire off the games seem to work normally.


psu is 700 W


i use the crossfire bridge that came with my mainboard.

is there a difference between the crossfire cables ?


right now this really sucks. i essentially have a 2nd graphics card in my pc that i cant use.


i unstalled the driver

ran ddu

reinstalled driver


same issue still remains.


please advice how to proceed.