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Any Crimson driver other than 16.6.2 causing Doom issues in Vulkan

Question asked by bigjoe980 on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by amdmatt

Hey there, I have a Sapphire nitro 370 4gb for starters.


Since this is exclusively related to updating my drivers, I figured this would be the best place to post.


So as the title says I'm getting some problems while using any other driver through 16.7.x/16.8.x/16.9.1, it's a real shame too.. updating from 16.6.2 improves my framerate as much as 30fps, even after maxing out the settings. (which I can't do otherwise. have to run high-ish) Usually falls in the 50-60 range at high settings. 16.9.1 however was falling around upwards of 90fps at ultra and 8x filtering when not recording - Which is pretty amazing for the wimpy card


Major problem #1 is screen tearing, no vsync setting will correct this in fullscreen/borderless, unfortunately I can't record that problem... OBS just records a black screen after disabling vsync. (and, well.. I'm sure can just assume what it looks like anyways) Though it captures windowed tearing fine, but that fixes the screen tearing with it disabled - again, while disabled. It still tears like crazy set to On/Adaptive. *shrug*


Problem 2 is I'm getting terrible visual issues with motion blur.. or, at least I think that's causing it. Went away from what I could tell with it off. When I turn with it on certain surfaces will just turn into pixelated garbage while moving or turning. In particular highly reflective ones. I've got a vid of this issue on youtube (Nightmare metrics too, excuse the meager 720p quality)  Doom Vulkan problems in non 16.6.2 crimson. - YouTube


I've also gone ahead and uploaded a video of 16.6.2 performance as well to show that going just peachy with no issues, besides the worse frame rate and a random driver crash. Doom No Vulkan problems in 16.6.2 - YouTube


If anyone has any thoughts to fix it, let me know


For those who might night feel like watching stuff, I've attached a photo of some of the excessive garbled mess. 10 bucks says I could turn that into some sort of working QR code.....


Edit: It is most certainly tied to motion blur in the advanced tab (Normal motion blur setting is fine otherwise). anything over low causes it, but medium is much more sparse.. usually when clambering/mantling/climbing.. whatever you wanna call it.