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Very few FM2+ mainboards equipped with displayport connector for a 4way eyefinity setup

Question asked by zen2therescue on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by black_zion

It seems that the vast majority of the FM2+ mainboards are not capable of four way eyefinity setup even though the APU actually supports quad monitor setups, as most manufacturers decide not to include an onboard DP connector. Why does AMD allow the manufacturers to release mainboards without all four display connectors? They could still release triple eyefinity mainboards and include a DP connector by removing the old DSUB/HD15 but instead they decide to remove the displayport and thus cripple the mainboard. Please prevent this bad practice in the future as it is really really frustrating.


I have only spotted 1 mATX and 4 ATX mainboards with DP/HDMI/DVI/DSUB:



ASRock FM2A88X Extreme6+


Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-UP4



For the last 8 years, all my CPUs are AMD (5050e,sempron145,Phenom II X4 964 & 960T,Phenom II X6, FX8350) and I own no FM1/FM2 boards. Simply put, what is the meaning of upgrading to FM2(+) if it does not have a DP connector? My 785G (RS880)/Phenom II X4 960T systems with Zosma (Thuban) CPU are faster for simple tasks than the Bulldozer FM2+ systems. In addition, my old Radeon 5670 has triple eyefinity with it's displayport. Do I really want a faster iGPU (onboard) if I cannot use the Displayport that it supports? My answer is HELL NO and that is the reason why I decided not to buy FM2+ mainboards and bought four KABINI miniITX mainboards from ASRock (two AM1 and two FT3) which had an onboard DP connector although these are inferior to Kaveri in many ways (2way versus 4way eyefinity) .I really hope we stop seeing these crappy display setups on the new AM4 socket. I am not going to buy an AM4 APU and mainboard unless it has DP/HDMI and maybe a DVI connector.