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    Homefront Revolution Texture Flashing / Flickering


      So I've downloaded Homefront Revolution as a Free Weekend to test it out.
      I'm getting this weird Texture Flashing / Flickering all over the place in the city, I'm still at the beginning it's at Night Time.
      As far as I can tell, I think it only happen outdoors, I don't see any in-doors.
      And I think it's normally from light source or water puddle. Is anyone else getting this as well ?
      I think it's a Driver issue isn't it ?? Now I have doubt even buying the game if so.
      I've tried Google and even check STEAM, there isn't anyone else who had such issue.
      There was a flashing texture issue with NVIDIA SLI enabled. Not sure is it the same flashing I'm seeing.


      My specs.
      16.9.1 BETA Driver
      Sapphire Fury Nitro
      Window 7 64-BIT
      144hz Free Sync Monitor.