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No signal to monitor

Question asked by stealthee on Sep 9, 2016

Good evening, I'm here sort of as a last resort as I am completely stumped for ideas, so I'm running a AMD Sapphire R9 270x

Last night the machine and both monitors were working fine, however today when I tried to switch everything back on, only 1 monitor is responding, so I got it to detect the monitor, but there is simply no signal being pushed to the monitor (States this on the monitor, NOT No cable connected) So the card is identifying there is another monitor being accessed and I can move stuff in and off the monitor just not see it. I have checked windows updates to see if that has messed it up and none has been applied, no driver updates, I have tried switching out cables from the card to monitors and also switched them around to check that the monitor actually works and it does.


Any ideas? Any answers are greatly appreciated as I am an college IT student and getting this resolved asap is needed for me to get work in on time.


Taken from the Radeon settings:


Radeon Settings Version - 2016.0624.1251.21301

Driver Packaging Version - (Built from 16.30-160624a-303996E)

Provider - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

2D Driver Version -

Direct3D® Version -

OpenGL® Version -

OpenCL™ Version -

AMD Mantle Version -

AMD Mantle API Version - 98309

AMD Audio Driver Version -

Vulkan Driver Version -


Graphics Card Manufacturer - Powered by AMD

Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

Device ID - 6810

Vendor ID - 1002

SubSystem ID - E271

SubSystem Vendor ID - 174B

Revision ID - 00

Bus Type - PCI Express 3.0

Current Bus Settings - PCI Express 2.0 x4

BIOS Version -

BIOS Part Number - 113-1E27110-O4B

BIOS Date - 2014/03/26 04:59

Memory Size - 4096 MB

Memory Type - GDDR5

Memory Clock - 1400 MHz

Core Clock - 1070 MHz

Total Memory Bandwidth - 179 GByte/s

2D Driver File Path - /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/Class/{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}/0000