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Microstutter or Freesync Issue?

Question asked by skycyclepilot on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by skycyclepilot

In Far Cry 4, anytime my frame rate drops into the 50s, I'm either getting microstutter, or freesync is not working.  I can't tell which.  It's easiest to see if I face a tree or pole, and move from left to right with the keyboard.  If the frame rate is 60 - vsync is on - everything is smooth.  If I up the game settings so the frame rate drops into the 50s, the smoothness is gone.  As the tree or pole passes from one side of the screen to the other, it will "hitch" a couple of times.  The same hitching is apparent throughout the game, if the frame rate drops.


I've tried every imaginable setting in the Crimson driver - the current version.  I've tried every setting in the game, and nothing helps, except to keep the settings so that the frame rate stays above 60.  That is not why I bought a Freesync monitor, and Freesync video card.  I do know that Freesync is working - I installed the windmill demo, and it is obviously working.


I've tried everything that I can find online - changing settings in the XML file, for example - and nothing makes any difference at all.


I have an MSI RX 480 Gaming X video card, along with an i7-875k overclocked processor, with 16 Gb of RAM, an SSD, and Windows 10 x64.  My monitor is an LG UHD with Freesync - and I've tried the game in all resolutions.


Any ideas???