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Installing 16.91 disables audio

Question asked by fistc70 on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by fistc70

I just installed the most recent driver 16.9.1 and it disables all my audio from games, windows media player, and system sounds. I uninstalled with DDU and reinstalled it...same thing happens, no audio. I uninstalled  with DDU and while my computer reaches the desktop, the screen goes black then come back and for a few seconds, there is a system dialogue box that says something about installing an audio driver. Then after I install 16.8.3 audio comes back and there are no problems. Is there a possibility that installing the latest driver uninstalls or deletes some audio driver for me? Any suggestions? I am currently running 16.8.3 again.


System Specs:

I7 6700k OCd 4.5

R9 Fury X (x2)

Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 6 rev. 1

Corsair 32gb LPX DDR4 Ram XMP 3.0 ghz

Corsair AX1500i PSU

Samsung 850 EVO 1tb for Games

Samsung 850 PRO 256gb for OS

Windows 10 Home 64 with anniversary update