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Crimson16.9.1 and HD 7800 Series on Windows 10.1 , no more Display Color settings

Question asked by yoli on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by amdmatt

Crimson drivers 16.9.1 (current, up to date)

HD 7800 Series card

Windows 10.1 (current, up to date)

Desktop computer (no, this is not a laptop!)


I had a Crimson driver earlier with a "Display" tab (in the Crimson app) containing an "Advanced" button (to pleft of the app window) from where I could access the brightness/contast/gamma settings. In latest drivers this has been replaced by a "Display Colors" button and when I click on it, the Windows calibration view opens. No way to ajust the brightness/contrast/gamme anymore! This is extremely annoying. Please AMD provide a fix for this in your KB, there is nothing of use regarding this problem. Also the HD 7800 Series does not even seem to be in your list of supporte card (a real shame as older models are still supported!).