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Problem with crimson 16.9.1 drivers and club3D 4K60hz adapter (fury X)

Question asked by wesbo on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by upsylon

Hello everyone.


Just came here to ask if anyone else is getting a problem with the Club3D 4K60hz adapter with the new crimson 16.9.1 drivers ?


Here is the problem : the drivers don't seem to be detecting the adapter, it stays locked to 4K30hz can't get it to go to 60hz. Tried different DP ports, different HDMI cable, "hot-pluging", tried uninstalling with DDU, AMDs uninstaller software, and also just tried upgrading them from the previous 16.8.3 drivers, nothing works ... Still in 30hz, being trying all morning.


No problems with 16.8.3 (actually the first time i've had this problem)


I'll report the bug once AMD have updated the report page.


Thanks for reading.