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Unable to get working the Asus AMD Radeon RX480

Question asked by jsmith on Sep 7, 2016

I just purchased the parts to put together a new system. The parts are:

ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4

Intel i5-6500

and ASUS AMD Radeon RX480

I'm using Display Port to HDMI-D cable to a generic non-pnp monitor (Dell)


I installed the newest version of Windows 10 Pro 64bit from MSDN

Every thing seems to work smoothly up until the point I try to install the video card drivers.


Halfway through the video driver install application, the screen turns black, and never returns.

At this point I'm forced to reboot the computer.

The reboot gets as far as displaying a Windows Logo, but the screen turns black before reaching the logon, and never returns.

This is the problem that happens over and over, no matter what I try.


Only by booting into safemode and disabling the Radeon display drivers, or by rolling back to the previous restore point, can I reboot into windows.


I tried updating to the latest Motherboard BIOS.

I always first  install the Motherboard drivers and reboot.

I then always run the latest Windows updates and reboot.

Only then do I try to install the video card drivers..

I've rebuilt the OS at least 3 times, and tried different combinations of running the AMD driver removal utility and trying different versions.


I've tried at least 3 or 4 versions of the RX480 drivers from the ASUS site, the AMD site, and the CD that came with the Video Card, but each time encounter the same issue.

The drivers I tried include versions 16.8.3 and 16.7.3, and others...


The video card works to allow me to see the Motherboard bootup, and to install windows, it's only after installing the drivers that it stops working.


Does anyone have a solution to this issue?


I have the ability, and am willing to install any Windows OS (7,8,10) from scratch. Although I would prefer Windows 10.

So feel free to post any instructions starting all the way with a clean install of windows, and I will follow them exactly.


If I can't solve by this weekend, I'm forced to return the card to the store before the return period expires.


Thanks for any assistance.